About St. Theresa's School

St. Theresa’s School, a Christian Religious Minority institution was established on 17th June 1996. It was founded primarily for the education of Catholic children. However it is open to others irrespective of caste, creed and religious affiliation. The children of St Theresa’s School grow up and bloom in an atmosphere of love, experiencing the love of God, signified by the Sun. Response to the love of God and gratitude to Him are instilled in the pupils. Teachers strive to impart education with love. Just as a rose blooms best when it has adequate moisture and the warmth of the Sun, so it is our hope that the students of St Theresa’s School will bloom forth as loving persons and willingly share their love with others in the school, at home and in society.

Latest News & Events

Republic Day Celebrations


Republic Day Celebrations

Teachers day Celebrations


Visit of Sr.Shanthi Priya on the eve of Teachers Day.

Teachers talent Competition


Rotary Club of Mangaluru Seaside organized Teachers’ Talent Competition 



St. Theresa’s school contributes flood relief materials OF BELTHANGADY