Little Way Association: – To walk in the little ways of our Patroness St. Therese, and love God in little things a LITTLE WAY ASSOCIATION is formed. The Catholic children read and reflect on the life of St.Therese and resolve to follow her way of love and holiness.

On 4th August we had the meeting of the Association. All the “Bethany Florets of St.Therese” were eager to know more about the patroness of their school. They were given an input session on the life of prayer of St.Therese, the little flower of Jesus. The meeting began with a hymn to the Holy Spirit.

They learnt of her life of prayer from her childhood. The daily reading of saint’s life in her house by her elder sister Pauline developed in her the thirst to know more about God. The first sermon she understood was on the passion and death of Jesus when she was five and half years old. From then on she says she understood all the sermons. After a few minutes of instruction, the children prayed a decade of rosary. They undertook the revolution of doing small activities with much love during the coming days.

The meeting concluded by singing a thanksgiving hymn.

The members of this Little Way Association are catholic students of standard 3rd to 5th.