• Spiritual Development: It includes everything that helps the student to deepen her/his relationship with God and to grow in love and respect for all the people as her/his sisters and brothers.
  • Faith formation of Christian students: For Christian students, faith is based on knowing Jesus and following Him. As directed by our Father Founder our schools have the responsibility to make the person of Jesus come alive in the life of Christian student through the catechetical teaching.
  • Emotional Development: Emotions are lifelines to self-awareness and self-preservation that deeply connect us to ourselves and others, to nature and the cosmos. Therefore emotional development of children is given paramount importance.
  • Intellectual Development: Intellectual development of a student includes all aspects of mental development keeping in mind her/his capacities, talents, home situations and opportunities for study.
  • Physical Development: This will include a well-developed programme of sports and Physical Education. It will help to develop a healthy body and a healthy mind in the student and in acquiring self-discipline. It also promotes the spirit of team work and above all to accept gratefully one’s body as a gift of God.
  • Love for the Nation: Our schools shall develop in the students love for the nation and train them to be responsible citizens of the country.
  • Cultural Development: It includes an awareness and respect for the diverse aspects of the Indian culture. It also helps the students to assimilate critically the culture of the groups to which they belong and respect other cultures. Students are helped to make their own contribution to enrich the heritage they have received while being open to other cultures.
  • Formation of Social Consciousness, Social Justice and Commitment: Social consciousness, justice and commitment to the cause of the poor is an integral part of our education. Therefore our students will be trained to recognize the reality of the fatherhood and motherhood of God and the equality of all God’s children.