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About St. Theresa's School

St. Theresa’s School, a Christian Religious Minority institution was established on 17th June 1996. It was founded primarily for the education of Catholic children. However it is open to others irrespective of caste, creed and religious affiliation. The children of St Theresa’s School grow up and bloom in an atmosphere of love, experiencing the love of God, signified by the Sun. Response to the love of God and gratitude to Him are instilled in the pupils. Teachers strive to impart education with love. Just as a rose blooms best when it has adequate moisture and the warmth of the Sun, so it is our hope that the students of St Theresa’s School will bloom forth as loving persons and willingly share their love with others in the school, at home and in society.

Principal's Message

” Education is to lead the young to move beyond themselves towards fullness that promotes holistic growth in all its dimensions. Holistic growth implies human, spiritual, intellectual, cultural and social aspects. “

Education is a process which brings about transformation of human persons and of society in the long run. If we want to facilitate this process of education we need to understand the present scenario. The 21st Century is proving to be a very challenging one for children and youth. The need of the hour is Value based Education. The goal of our Education here at St Theresa’s is : “Transformative Education for fullness of life” through which we desire every Theresian to be physically fit, mentally strong, emotionally well balanced, spiritually mature and socially committed. A number of opportunities are provided to offer positive contribution to the society.

The destiny of our nation is being shaped in the class rooms by the Thinking and Creative Principal, Teachers and Students for “what we think- we become” Today we are in a different world order, a world of interconnectedness and inter relationships. New technology is bringing people and the world closer. We have to teach our present generation patience to face the challenges of time, to make a choice not only between right and wrong but also between two rights as countless options are available these days. Let us touch as many lives as possible while we have the privilege to journey on this planet

I believe that we, as educators who are involved in the development of human resource, become models of integrity. I welcome all our students, parents and teaching faculty to work in communion, collaboration and team spirit to achieve our goal, concentrating on those things we can change, and places where we can make a difference.

Sr Philomene Saldanha
St.Theresa School,
Bendur, Mangalore

Photo Gallery

Pariksha Parv : 19th February-15th March 2019

A campaign entitled #ParikshaParv launched by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR). This is intended to change the outlook and perspective of children towards examinations and help them to combat stress especially during Board Examination.

The following link is made available: